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clutch review
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Technogrips Collects More Reviews

Technogrips Collects More Reviews on Clutch We know we’re good at what we do, and by now we would hope that you do too. That

Mobile Apps Concept
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How a standout Business App helps in Branding and Customer engagement

Nearly 2.6 billion people across the world today have access to a high-powered smartphone, at all times, and seven out of every ten people will have access

Technogrips Technologies
Social Media is an Effective Marketing Tool for Business

Social Media for Business (B2B and B2C marketing) The social media industry is growing exponentially, and there are no signs of it slowing down any

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GAP Analysis in ERP Implementation

As a company grows and faces new challenges, a continuous evaluation must be done on the current work processes and IT solutions so as to

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Insights on Enterprise App Development, Odoo and More

Experts from Technogrips offer insights on various topics ranging from enterprise app development, the compatibility of Odoo for businesses and tips to scaling down enterprise app development cost.

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Quality Assurance in Software Testing – Past, Present & Future

Evolution of Software Testing We all want quality in everything that we use. Quality is the standard of something measured against things of similar kind.

Copy Eding Tools
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6 copy editing tips for digital marketers

Copy editing is an essential skill for the modern digital marketer. However, it is often forgotten as guides on writing steal the spotlight. Despite its

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Keyword Research For Beginners

If you’re aware of digital marketing, you’ll be aware of keyword research. It’s the bread and butter of any SEO strategy. Conducting a solid keyword

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Tips for choosing the right Business Software – Tools vs. Solutions

What kind of business software works for your business? Business software marketed by developers for enterprises are available in two categories they are tools and

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Cost-effective solutions

In an era of content shock (an emerging marketing epoch which is used when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect with our limited human capacity