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Ensuring Scalability and Efficiency

Odoo is one of the most powerful open source ERP software that integrates a variety of business applications for an efficient and seamless transfer of information between the processes. This software is highly customizable and can be modified to suit different business needs, streamlining business processes and bringing together people and processes. The MVC platform and agile methodology used makes it a perfect solution for business operations.

How Odoo ERP lets you gain an edge over your competitors?

Odoo is a one stop solution for all your business needs. It does not require an interface for integrating new applications or software. Formerly known as Open ERP, Odoo offers a broad range of benefits that helps business grow. It offers several top features and functionalities with modules that can be easily integrated into the system. Coded using Python and backed by PostgreSQL, it is cost effective and can easily adapt to all the latest paradigm. This robust and flexible infrastructure delivers a well ordered data transformation.

With a unique framework and functionality that can be scaled across applications, Odoo works well for Small and Medium Enterprises. Drop in your queries for a free consultation before you kick- start your next project.

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Basic Modules of Odoo ERP

There are a number of ERP modules that can be integrated into the systems to further customize your business solutions. This modularity makes ERP solutions more attractive and customizable across applications. Each module focuses on a specific business process with its own unique tools and functionalities. So while integrating a module it is important to keep in mind the functionality the module offers. Some of the basic modules offered are as follows:

  • Human Resource
  • Product Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Acquisition
  • Production Planning
  • Product or Service Delivery
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Finance and Accounting

Advantages Of Odoo

Odoo is for the most ideal for small to fair sized associations. Numerous associations create odoo application and spot them in the market for deals . It's open source nature makes the source code accessible for everybody. Let us view to the advantages of Odoo ERP over other ERP frameworks.

1. Extensible engineering
Odoo permits and acknowledges critical augmentation of its abilities, without significant reworking of code or changes in its fundamental design.

2. Accessible with no monthly costs.
Cost of building up an ERP is so high, Odoo offers a Base ERP with no monthly cost. With the goal that the end client can augment the financial limit for execution and customization according to the necessity.

3. Customization
Clients can tweak the application to meet the business necessity. Which is a customized idea, that gives remarkable highlights to every single business right now. The procedure followed by every association may vary from each other. Odoo offers profoundly adjustable idea, which is actually a bit of leeway for organizations of all size.

4. Open source
Odoo people group is an open source. The source code is accessible for everybody. Likewise, the Open source model permits organizations to get to the ERP framework's code and modify it without anyone else. It spares the business costs over the long haul.

5. Far reaching
Odoo has two releases in particular Community and Enterprise, people group version is open source and everybody can evaluate, however venture version will never be publicly released and the code will just be accessible to Odoo and authority Odoo accomplices. Odoo has around 30 center modules and 5000 network modules, which help all the business the executives exercise. These modules can be altered depending on the prerequisites. The wide scope of usefulness and highlights will fulfill the business needs.

6. Refreshed innovation
odoo every now and again refreshing and overhauling their innovations. This stage continues changing alongside the refreshed advances.

7. Simple Integration
Also Integration with E-trade will be a bit of leeway for the organizations right now.

8. Exceptionally made sure about
Odoo guarantees consistency and security of information. So Odoo ensures all business data that are private in nature.

9. Easy to understand
Odoo is anything but difficult to learn and comprehend. It gives a great client experience.

10. Adaptability
Odoo offers a lot of modules. In which clients can introduce modules according to their business needs. Likewise they can include new modules when the business develops.

11. Odoo studio
Odoo studio causes the end client to make and fabricate their own tweaked application. Additionally assists with including, evacuate and alter screens of the framework. Studio assists with planning marvelous reports.

12. Responsive
Thus as an open source ERP programming, The Advantages Of Odoo ERP makes it the best. So while picking an ERP program, don't think excessively. Continuously pick the best stage and administrations..

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